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I've worked for 'Smile' for nearly a year now and am more than satisfied with them. They listen carefully to my needs and cater for me excellently. As someone who uses public transport, they always strive to find me local schools (who I regularly return to).


I regularly recommend Smile to anyone that would be suitable for supply work and give examples of how effective Smile has been in my own career progression; including the commitment from staff and lovely relationships built.


I don't think I would enjoy my job so much if it wasn't for Emma and smile’s agency.  From day one she has made me feel welcome and Emma is very polite and easy to get on with. I feel I can phone Emma with any problems I have and I am always guaranteed a reply the same day.


Smile as a company have been great at being helpful and communicating regularly.  Emma was honest and friendly and really gave me a personal service catered to my personal needs – texting me details as it is easier to reply and read while at work or on the go. 


You found me a school that is 3 miles from where I live, and which suited me perfectly. The children, staff and parents are fantastic. I felt valued and part of the team at Langley Primary School, Oldbury. All the consultants I have dealt with have been friendly and listen to what my school requirements are.


Thank you for having me, it was a pleasure to work for you. Smile has made it possible for me to further my career and gain valuable experience in a variety of schools. Katy is amazing, friendly, helpful and excellent at her job


Case Studies

Teacher AmyA Day in the Life of Smile Teacher Amy

I was looking for short term supply work after a bad experience at a school. I signed up with four agencies as I was looking for short term, day to day supply work. I originally found Smile through one of the job websites. After signing up with Smile, a long term position unexpectedly came up and I was offered the position.

On a typical day, I get to school fairly early around at 7:30 in the morning and prepare for my day. I then attend any meetings before school starts (for example we have weekly department meetings).
I usually teach 22 lessons out of 25 with the remaining time spent on PPA (planning, preparation and assessment). As a science teacher, a typical lesson will start with a short reading or a refresher from the previous lesson. I will then move on to a short practical followed by a longer one. After the lesson, we clean up the room so that it's ready for the next class.

A favourite lesson of the students is in Chemistry. The students make hydrogen gas by combining hydrochloric acid and magnesium in a test tube. They heat the bottom of the test tube and there is a pop sound with a flash when they've done the experiment successfully which the students really enjoy.
Since I am a long term supply teacher, I have been treated as one of the staff and enjoy special lunches with the rest of the teaching staff. I have also been included in special teacher training at my school to enhance my teaching skills.

I really like that I can talk to my Smile consultant Olivia and I like the feeling that if there is something wrong she will sort it out for me.

Teacher JenA Day in the Life of Smile Teacher Jen

I will sometimes get pre-booking days or I will receive morning calls from Emma. I try to arrive at the school around 8AM so that I have time to familiarize myself with the lesson that the class teacher has left for me.

When I arrive at the school, I introduce myself as a Smile Supply Teacher. The staff will have me sign in and give me a special ID badge I need to wear for the day. I will go to the class if I am familiar with the school, if not, the secretary will bring me to the classroom.

The schools vary in terms of students coming in to the classroom. In some cases I greet the students at the playground, and sometimes they come in on their own. As they enter, I introduce myself and remind them to come in quietly and ask them to read until everyone is seated.

The mornings are spent on literacy and numeracy. A teaching assistant is present in the class to help me do the lesson. Each lesson takes the same general format, introduction of the lesson with the objective, model some examples and then have the students work on the lesson. I will walk around the room and assist the groups as required, and the teaching assistant will usually work with the group that needs more guidance.

After the lesson, the students will self-assess using the traffic light system (red light if they didn't understand, yellow if they need a bit of work, green if they completely understand).

After the lunch there can be ICT, Science or PE lessons, also taking similar format as the morning lessons. I tend to stay after school and do as much marking as I can and leave notes for the class teacher on anything outstanding that needs completion.

I love Smile! I love the name it makes ME smile! They get me a lot of work. A lot of agencies don't deliver, but Emma will find me work every day and I have loved the schools that she sends me too. Smile Education also pays me well and fairly.

Supply Teacher BernieA day in the life of a Supply Teacher By Bernie

When you are a supply teacher the day starts early. You have to be up, dressed and ready for the phone call that may come to you at anytime between 7.00am til 8.45am at the latest. Then you hop into your car and off you go. Make sure you leave your house with plenty of time to get to the schools. You never know what the traffic may be like. And if you do get stuck in traffic, make sure you phone the office by 8.20am if you think you may be late...schools love you to keep them informed. When you get to school make sure you sign in and then have your CRB and your driving licence ready to show for identification.

As soon as you get into class the important things to ask are:

  • The times of the day you are on duty - playtimes, dinner time, assembly time.
  • How would you like the work to be marked and with what coloured pen?
  • Have you got a reward or sanctions scheme you must follow? Have you got PE today? (always have your trainers with you!!) Have you got a TA with you in class- these are the most helpful people ever to you, as they know everything you need to know to have a successful, enjoyable day.

When you are doing the register try to learn some of the children's names as you go along, this really helps with behaviour management straight away.

Try to follow any planning as well as you can, and most teachers like you to annotate it afterwards, to say how the lessons have gone. Make sure all books are marked using the schools' marking scheme, dated and initialled. I tend to mark during playtimes and dinnertimes as this means I will have less to mark after school.

Always enter a staffroom with a friendly smile and a hello! You can usually sit anywhere, but I would advise you to take your own cup, spoon and teabags with you. Make sure you wash up after yourself.
Be prepared to do anything in a lesson and sometimes with a different class than the one you thought you were going to teach. Remember sometimes you are only going in for a day so don't try and change things, just go with the flow.

And when you leave ALWAYS ALWAYS say goodbye to the secretary and sign out.

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