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01-02-2016 - Hannah D. - Job Search Tips - 0 comments

This past week I have gone to two Universities to interview Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT) for roles for after they graduate. I can't help but get excited to help people find their very first jobs as they embark on their new careers.

01-02-2016 - Matt Wells - News - 0 comments

We know a lot about the current state of the education system in this country. It features regularly in the news, and often doesn’t make very pleasant reading. We know that the Government accepts that there’s an ‘unsustainable workload’, and that they are busy making it more so, with simultaneous exam reforms and plans for compulsory EBAC qualifications. We know that the Government refuses to admit that there’s a recruitment crisis, even when Headteachers of nationally renowned schools are getting one application for maths positions that would have received 50 five years ago.

26-01-2016 - - News - 0 comments
Happy Australia Day!

We are so grateful to have our resident Australian on the Birmingham Primary team. Mary has been in the UK for many years now, but still loves and thinks about Australia. 

15-01-2016 - - News - 0 comments
Work life Balance - Advice to teachers from teachers!

We all hear it, try to keep a good balance of work and life and manage stress. As a teacher, it's often hard to let things go even for an evening. We have asked a few of our teachers for their words of wisdom.

11-01-2016 - - News - 0 comments
Smile now providing support services staff

Here at Smile Education we are always looking to improve and expand our services. We have been serving our schools since 2009, providing qualified teachers and teaching assistants in primary, secondary, special schools and Pupil Referral Units (PRU).

This week, one of our dedicated staff, Becky has been promoted to recruitment consultant for support services in schools across the West Midlands. She will be recruiting experienced staff for administrators, care takers, IT technicians, and lunch time supervisors (to name a few!).


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