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13-03-2017 - Hannah Massey - News - 0 comments
Newly Qualified Lunchtime Supervisor!

How many education recruitment consultants think to themselves on a daily basis at this time of the year, “if I could go in there and do it myself, I would”?

Well, one day in the last week of half term I thought just that. I have a great relationship with a great school in Dudley and I had not a soul left to supervise lunchtime for them on this specific day, so instead of letting them down, I went to do it myself. Just one hour supervising the children over lunchtime. Can’t be that hard, can it?

24-02-2017 - Katy Rees - News - 0 comments
The Worcester Award - Employability Matters

For the third year in a row I have been lucky enough to have been involved in the Worcester Award at the University of Worcester. I am a keen advocate of employability and the importance of preparing students of all ages for the world of work after education. This leads me to participate in all sorts of careers activities in schools, colleges and universities. For me the Worcester Award is always a really exciting and often humbling experience.

So, what is it? Well the Worcester Award recognises students who, in addition to their gruelling studies, do extra activities including paid work, voluntary work and employability activities. Some are already doing these activities and the award allows them to gain true recognition for doing so. Others see how much potential the award has to help them stand out to employers and build on their skills, often putting them outside of their comfort zone.

My role is to assist those wanting to obtain the Worcester Gold Award – these students must do an extra stage, which involves an interview with a panel made up of a lecturer, employer and careers advisor, followed by a presentation of their experiences and how the award has benefitted them.

I can honestly say that it is evident in every student I have seen how much the Worcester Award has impacted on them and their skillset, as well as helping them to finetune their future career goals and aspirations. I saw students who totally put themselves out of their comfort zones to achieve the award and develop skills such as confidence, team work and initiative. I remember one young lady who had never held a baby before volunteering for a week in the baby room of a nursery and another shy student who took on a job asking people to refrain from smoking on campus.

From all students, it amazes me how they fit everything in – hard work and work ethic are skills I often struggle to find as an employer and these students have it in bucket loads!

If you are looking to employ a University of Worcester graduate, keep an eye out for the Worcester Award on their CV and definitely ask them about it. You can rest assured these students already can demonstrate confidence and self-motivation, and have real life experience.

If you are studying at University and are offered an employability award, I promise it will always be worth your while taking part. It will give you the edge at job interviews and it will give you experiences you will never forget!

You can watch my speech to students who completed the Worcester Award last year here:

24-02-2017 - Katy Rees - News - 0 comments
Smile Rewards Club- Oxfordshire Launch

February 9th was a big night for Smile Education, we officially launched our brand new Oxfordshire office. It was a very proud evening for me seeing Smile expand outside the West Midlands for the first time and into a new area where we were so warmly received!

The evening included some fantastic speeches from RACS updating the attendees on current legislation, Mazars on creating your MAT and a local strategic business manager discussing their own experiences making the transition to a MAT. Our charity raffle with a top prize of Golf at the Belfry raised an amazing £610 for Helen and Douglas house.

16-02-2017 - Becky Brookes - News - 0 comments

Our Support Services Employee of the Month was Nigel, a caretaker. Nigel is an absolute delight to have working for Smile. He is pro-active, positive, hard working and highly though of by all. The effort and passion Nigel demonstrates is above and beyond any expectation.

Thank you!

06-02-2017 - Becky Brookes - News - 0 comments
January Support Services Employee of the Month!

2017! - Support Service January Employee of the Month goes to Emma! Emma is an upbeat, positive and friendly team player who has effortlessly become an integral part of the school office team. She is hard working with a fantastic and infectious work ethic. Thanks


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