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08-05-2019 - - Helpful Information - 0 comments

Doing a teaching degree and set to graduate soon? We bet we can guess that you are feeling a little nervous. Not to worry though, that’s completely normal - we’ve all had first-day jitters!

To help ease your nerves and feel a little more confident when entering the classroom, we’ve put together some tips.

30-04-2019 - - Helpful Information - 0 comments

Recruitment companies often have a bad reputation but not all of them deserve it. Katy, MD of Smile, talks about the values which Smile has that makes Smile different than the rest.

29-04-2019 - - Helpful Information - 0 comments

Emma, our Director, previously worked abroad as a holiday rep before joining Smile. This is her story and why she thinks that those who have repped make great recruitment consultants. 

23-04-2019 - - Helpful Information - 0 comments

Your NQT year will be full of new experiences. While some of them will be good, others might be more of a challenge. For example, you’ll get to witness children grasping a complex idea as a result of your teaching. On the other hand, you’ll also be confronted by some, at times, hairpulling (maybe literally) situations. But don’t panic, we have some advice on how to deal with them.

16-04-2019 - - Helpful Information - 0 comments

Your QTS is in the bag and all that stands between you and your full qualification is your NQT induction. So, what’s in store?


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