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25-03-2019 - - Helpful Information - 0 comments

As a teacher, it is important to sometimes place yourself in the students of your students. For example, imagine you are given a task to complete, only to find that it’s been written in Egyptian hieroglyphics that you cannot understand. It’s likely that your confusion would quickly turn to frustration and then to disinterest. Not a nice feeling, right?

Well, this is how students with English as an additional language may feel. Therefore it is important that these children, and their feelings, are taken into consideration when teaching a lesson.

Luckily we have some suggestions which will help to make primary EAL pupils feel included.

25-03-2019 - - News - 0 comments

Choosing the 10 most memorable memories in the history of Smile proved quite a task but thankfully we were up to the job! Here is an amalgamation of some of our favourite Smile memories, in no particular order!

18-03-2019 - - Helpful Information - 0 comments

Decorating your classroom displays is one of the best parts of being a teacher. If you are looking for some inspiration for your next classroom display, then look no further.

18-03-2019 - - News - 0 comments

You have may have heard that it’s our 10th birthday this year (we haven’t mentioned it too much, have we?) which has made us a little nostalgic. So, we’ve been looking at some of the songs topping the charts when Smile was founded.

08-03-2019 - - News - 0 comments

You might think that writing a list of things, we love about working at Smile would be easy. But you would be wrong. You have no idea, how difficult it is to narrow it down to just 10 things! Anyway, we have given it our very best shot.


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