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08-09-2017 - Katy Rees - News - 0 comments

We are an APSCO Award Finalist!

And we couldn’t be prouder, that all our hard work has been recognised in these prestigious awards.

Here at Smile we always treat people like people, that extends to our internal employees, candidates and clients. It is that ethos that we believe makes us really special and we believe is the catalyst for the huge growth we have known over the last 12 months filling more than 12k additional bookings than the previous 12 months!

22-06-2017 - Katy Rees - News - 0 comments
Our Family Day 2017

Please come along and join in the fun for free at Walsall Rugby Club!

08-06-2017 - Olivia Jones - News - 0 comments

Are you already a Supply Teacher but looking for work closer to home? Are you permanently employed but looking to regain flexibility and work life balance?

Smile are finding a huge demand for supply teachers in the following areas:





We have both day to day, short & long term cover in a range of subjects. Supply Teaching is a fantastic way to achieve work-life balance which is becoming more difficult to find in permanent teaching jobs. You can choose which days you mark yourself “available” and when you don’t want to work. Registration takes just one hour and I can come to you after school so you don't have to take time off.

19-05-2017 - Katy Rees - News - 0 comments
Smile Does Safeguarding Training

On Monday I ran safeguarding training for all our internal staff including Consultants, Administrators and Managers.

I decided to attend atrain the trainer safeguarding course because of how passionately I feel about our obligation to protect the children in our schools. I have delivered this course now numerous times free of charge for our Teachers, Cover Supervisor and Teaching Assistants and decided that our internal staff would really benefit from increasing their knowledge in this area. This would allow us to provide a better quality service to our schools and teachers, deal more effectively with any concerns and ensure we fully understand the reasoning behind our rigorous compliance checks.

I asked for feedback from the delegates and it seemed to have the desired effect!


19-05-2017 - Leah Pritchard - News - 0 comments
From Apprentice to Smile! Leah's Journey

When I was at school I knew nothing about recruitment, I would even go as far to say I didn't know it existed! Even though I would have been surrounded by supply teachers I was none the wiser. And now I work full time in this busy and exciting sector.


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