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18-03-2019 - - Helpful Information - 0 comments

Decorating your classroom displays is one of the best parts of being a teacher. If you are looking for some inspiration for your next classroom display, then look no further.

18-03-2019 - - News - 0 comments

You have may have heard that it’s our 10th birthday this year (we haven’t mentioned it too much, have we?) which has made us a little nostalgic. So, we’ve been looking at some of the songs topping the charts when Smile was founded.

08-03-2019 - - News - 0 comments

You might think that writing a list of things, we love about working at Smile would be easy. But you would be wrong. You have no idea, how difficult it is to narrow it down to just 10 things! Anyway, we have given it our very best shot.

08-03-2019 - - Helpful Information - 0 comments

Stepping into a classroom for the very first time on your own can be nervewracking. The thought of educating 30 children while also managing their behaviour can seem like an impossible task but it can be done. Here’s some advice to help you during your first few weeks as a primary school teacher.

04-03-2019 - - Helpful Information - 0 comments

World Book Day is only a few days away. But don't worry if it's slipped your mind, we have some easy costume ideas for you. 


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