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23-04-2015 - - News - 0 comments

Smile was established 6 six years ago today!  We have grown from a handful of staff to almost 20 staff in this time.  We have and continue to work to bring quality teaching staff to over 250 schools across the West Midlands. 

We look forward to the future and helping teaching staff and schools!  


22-04-2015 - - Job Search Tips - 0 comments

Whether you are sitting in an interview, or preparing your CV for an application, always keep in mind that an employer will wonder whether they should hire your for their advertised role.

21-04-2015 - - News - 0 comments
Smile Family Day This Summer!

The sun is shining on Victoria Square!

We are planning a special family day at the start of the summer holidays as chance to say thank you to our staff and schools. 


17-04-2015 - - News - 0 comments
Job Tip - Applying for a job from your phone

Looking for some easy ways to apply for a job from your mobile phone?  


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