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I've worked for 'Smile' for nearly a year now and am more than satisfied with them. They listen carefully to my needs and cater for me excellently. As someone who uses public transport, they always strive to find me local schools (who I regularly return to).


I regularly recommend Smile to anyone that would be suitable for supply work and give examples of how effective Smile has been in my own career progression; including the commitment from staff and lovely relationships built.


I don't think I would enjoy my job so much if it wasn't for Emma and smile’s agency.  From day one she has made me feel welcome and Emma is very polite and easy to get on with. I feel I can phone Emma with any problems I have and I am always guaranteed a reply the same day.


Smile as a company have been great at being helpful and communicating regularly.  Emma was honest and friendly and really gave me a personal service catered to my personal needs – texting me details as it is easier to reply and read while at work or on the go. 


You found me a school that is 3 miles from where I live, and which suited me perfectly. The children, staff and parents are fantastic. I felt valued and part of the team at Langley Primary School, Oldbury. All the consultants I have dealt with have been friendly and listen to what my school requirements are.


Thank you for having me, it was a pleasure to work for you. Smile has made it possible for me to further my career and gain valuable experience in a variety of schools. Katy is amazing, friendly, helpful and excellent at her job


Case Studies

Keely Teaching Assistant Keeley - Teaching Assistant

When I arrive at the school, I show my ID at reception and sign in. Some schools will take your photo and give you a visitor pass for the day. I am then taken to the class room where I will be working in for the day.
I introduce myself to the teacher and discuss whether I will be doing group work or one on one work with a child with special needs.

This past week I worked one on one with a child with autism. I got to know him and to see how he reacted to me. I also determined his behavioural triggers and ensured he was kept safe during the day. I worked with him during the lessons using picture cards as he responded well with images. I would indicate with pictures when it was time for a break, a snack or lunch time. During the lessons, rather than writing full lessons, the child would write short words under the pictures which demonstrated the lesson.
I will report to the teacher throughout the day and take notes on the child's response to the lesson and surroundings. I give the class teacher my report at the end of the day so that she has all the information on the child's progress.

Towards the end of the day, I will look after the children, often reading them a story, as the teacher greets parents. Once all the children have gone home, the teacher and I tidy the class for the next day.
Smile has been brilliant and fantastic! Emma is understanding and she will listen to you. Staff is always polite. I was looking for a job, because I used to work in a children's home and wanted to continue to work with children. I found Smile Education online, and they got me registered right away and within a few days I had an interview at a school for a long term placement.


James Teaching Assistant

James - Teaching Assistant

I arrive at school and most days I am asked to stay in the classroom, while the teacher receives the children and speaks to the parents at the entrance of the school. I work with Year 5 and Year 6 each day. The first part of the morning, I spent with Year 6 kids, focusing on guided reading. The support I give the group of lower ability children will depend on the discussion with the class teacher and the skills they need to focus on.
After break, I work with the year 5 students in their numeracy lesson. I will work with either lower or higher ability students depending on the need of the day.

My afternoons are spent doing interventions. The teacher identifies children that are to be taken out of the lesson, and I will do special work with them to help them succeed and reach the level they need to be at.

One of my favourite aspects of being a teaching assistant is that I have been able to start a lunch time club in teaching kids about mindfulness. I recommend any teaching staff with a hobby or special skill to share their passion with the students. It really adds to the day.

I have been really impressed with Smile. I was placed at a school shortly after registering and I have had regular work since Day 1. My current placement has turned into full time. I have never been stressed about time sheets and any issue has always been quickly resolved. I like the friendly contact at Smile and my consultant (Emma) that I have been working with.



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