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11-12-2017 - Raj Garcha - News - 0 comments

As a recruitment consultant I see hundreds of CV's day to day through my emails and job forums. While powering through the CV's I have discovered some of the best and some of the not so good. So i have listed my top 5 CV tips to help anyone who is looking for employment to ensure their CV is the best it needs to be. This is important as the CV is the first impression any recruiter/employer gains from you. So what turns a mediocre CV into a interviewing winning one? Please read on...

Tip one: Vital information at the top - It sounds straight forward but many individuals don't have the basic contact information in an easily located place. Many employers scan through CV's so its important to have all contact details visible and not scattered within the CV. A clear heading including your full name, address, number and email is important.


Tip two: Layout - Many candidates believe it is best to stand out from the crowd and while this is important it is not so great when you have an overbearing CV. Many CV's when placed on forums shift and move so all boxes and images can overlap and can ruin the overall look of a CV. Have a clear structure to your CV with headings to separate your education, employment history and referee details is best.

Tip three: Work experience - It is important to include any work experience/job roles you have done prior. Bullet point responsibilities you had and tasks you have completed while in the role. Include the dates of your employment also as this is important for recruiters/employers to see if you have any gaps in your employment to discuss.

Tip four: Keep CV to under two pages - It s understandable some people have vast amounts of experience that they want to include but CV's longer than two pages can shadow important information, instead it becomes a struggle for the recruiter/employer to see the important information. Try to bullet point or furthermore include the most relevant and recent work placements.

Tip five: Tailor your CV to the role - Any cover letter and CV should be tailored for the job role you are applying for. Many job adverts have key words they want the candidate to have for example "organised" and "target driven individual", try and use these key words within your CV.

 Here at Smile Education we are driven to find the right role for you so get in contact today if you would like more advice in how to gain a role in education.



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