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17-01-2018 - Emma McGuigan - News - 0 comments


Maternity – The double edged sword!

So this is my last week working before my maternity leave starts (insert monkey with hands over face emoji!). It’s my first baby and the thought of the whole experience is daunting and exciting all at the same time.

Having a baby was a huge decision in itself, but deciding to have a baby when you have a career is even more difficult. Would we be able to afford it? Who will look after the baby when I go back to work? Who will look after my work whilst I’m off?

It’s hard to build up your desk for 7 years from scratch then think about leaving it for someone else to look after for 9 whole months! Will the clients go elsewhere? Will consultants send the right people? Will I have a desk to come back to? Will the consultants be able to cope with the extra work? All of these questions start spinning around as soon as the consideration of having a maternity break comes up and I’m sure all of the ladies in recruitment out there with children will have had exactly the same concerns!?

Well in terms of work, the decision was an easy one for me. Katy and I have worked hard to grow a family friendly business that values the skills of those that may not be considered for roles in recruitment due to family commitments (some very experienced and great consultants in our case!). We have developed a supportive culture where teams work seamlessly together enabling us to provide a high level of service even when consultants are not in the office. This makes work-life balance possible, something that’s very hard to come by when working in the recruitment industry. We offer shorter working hours, flexi time, working at home days, part time positions and the option to take some of your annual leave during term time.

My girls (Team BC) and I all share the same values and ethos. We all look after each other’s’ work and do so with the same urgency and professionalism that I know my work is in the safest hands when I leave this week. I couldn’t ask for a better team and am truly grateful that they are stepping up to look after things whilst I’m off. Will it be scary handing over my work phone? Yes. But I am so excited for this next chapter and to come back with an extra member of the Smile family :-)



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